APC Congress In Okaka Ward 1: The Truth of The Matter

In compliance with the party (A.P.C) directive and congress time table, Ward congress was designed to take place on the 5th day of may 2018. Prior to the day of Congress the Leadership of the party in the State under our distinguished Senate President, Dr.Abubakar Bukola Saraki and the Executive Governor of Kwara State has directed that those in the Executive Council of the Party from Ward Level to the State level that have spent nothing less than Six years and above  as a Executive member Should Vacate the Positive and allow for fresh members to take up the Executive positions.

In the light of the above the Executive of Okaka Ward 1 comprises those that have spent nothing less than 8,12 and 16years. They therefore refused the dissolution directive from the Party Structure in the State due to the backing from Alhaji Baba Podo Who has an ulterior motive. The out going Executive especially the Chairman and Alhaji Baba Podo (self acclaimed  leader) are fund of shortchanging the members of the party in the ward. They   have both committed a lot of atrocities which are too numerous to be mentioned here but there is this particular situation where a Keke Napep (Tricycle) was given to the ward which is to be given to a particular beneficiary but the outgoing Executive backed by Alhaji Baba Podo claimed to have sold it at the rate of #60,000 only.

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The progressive minded members of the Party in the Ward concludes that enough is enough and there is a need for change. And since there is a directive from the leader of the party in the state that there should be new members to be elected as the executive members and the old ones should stepped  down. The progressive minded members lodge their complaints at the local government secretariat and the state secretariat of the party that in Okaka Ward 1 the outgoing executive  members had refused to vacate their positions and they were supported by nobody else than Alhaji Baba Podo. From the State and Local government secretariat of the party there were strong admonition and they were ordered to dissolve the EXCO and put in place a modality for an itch free ward congress  services of meetings were held  and committee for the selection  of new EXCO members was set up. The committee divides and Zone the Executive positions to all the three Zones in the Ward. At the Zonal level committees were also raised and post were Zoned to Sub Zones.

Aftermath of the struggle for change in the way  the party is being run Alhaji Baba Podo and the outgoing EXCO took malice and vowed to deal with those involved in exposing their ineptitude. The members of the party who are satisfied with  the way the progressive minded handled the issue of dissolution of the outgoing  EXCO nominated one of  them to  be Chairman. The nomination was accepted by all and including Alhaji Babatunde Alagbede who later employed a corning way  backed by Alhaji BabaPodo to declare himself the new Chairman.

On the day of the congress, it was only expected that those nominated from their various Zones are to be Affirmed as the ward EXCO but the ignoramus and the political ingrates who have other motives in mind let loose some hoodlums and political thugs to unlash may hem on innocent members of the party who had come to witness the traditional peaceful congress identified with the party in the past.The hoodlums holding various dangerous weapons like cutlass, gun  matcher, bottles e.t.c breaking  bottles and confusions and fears gripped the party faithful at the congress and every body had to run for their dear lives consequence of these is that no congress  was held in Okaka Ward 1 and it was a surprise to hear that some people claimed they have been appointed EXCO while it is a know fact that there was no congress held on that day.

Moreover , the news flying about that it was DAIBU who sponsored his brother for chairman is a blatant lie which does not hold water. ALHAJI  LANRE DAIBU did not sponsor any candidate for the congress and the fact that the person nominated from the Zonal level as the chairman is his family have nothing to do with him. The  person nominated has the right to become the chairman because he is a card carrying member of the party who have work and protect the image of the party from time immemorial. If DAIBU want his brother to be chairman at all cost he has the wherewithal and the influence in his ward to make him one because none of the party members from Okaka ward 1 and beyond have not been affected positively by his altruistic nature. More so, DAIBU’S simplistic way of life did not believe in personalizing issues especially politics. The fact is what BABAPODO told the progressive minded party members     when they held meeting with him in his house.

To conclude with, we wish to let the general public know that there was no congress in

Okaka Ward I due to hoodlums and political thugs who disrupts the process of the congress. that ALHAJI DAIBU did not sponsored any candidate for the congress as this is imagination of the political self seekers. And that we the progressive minded will to press for the change which the party preaches. We also pledged our unalloyed support for our leader , DR. ABUBAKAR BUKOLA SARAKI..

                                                                                                                                     By The progressive   Minded 

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