Amir Hassan Olorire New Album ‘Ojo Kan’, Best of Islamic Music in Recent Time

Almighty Allah, in his infinite mercy created heaven and earth and made living and non living things the inhabitants of the creation. He created the inhabitants unto the earth for a purpose – worship their creator. Generally speaking, everyday is very important to man’s life. The latest release from the stable of the leading voice in Islamic music industry El-Hajj Amir Hassan Cisse Olorire titled OJO KAN – ONE DAY is indeed a must listen to song for every lover of not only good but also sensible lyrics. 

Aside been meaningfully composed, well-researched and sung with sonorous melody that will mesmerized its audience, it talked emphatically about the reminiscence every individual ought to do on why we are created and what we’re expected to do in life to please our creator as our satisfaction firmly lies in what He is pleases with.

In all, the album consists of five tracks. In track one, he admonished everyone to believe in their creator. Verily, Allah is the controller of the universe. He also talked about being optimistic with Allah and elucidates the beauty of the religion – Islam.

In track two, Amir Hassan discussed the importance and blessing of every morning in one’s life. He believed it’s a beginning of the day and it’s a goodwill of Allah to everyone. Also, he enjoined all to be steadfast in their believe to God’s plan for each day.

He preached about unity among the sects in the religion in track three. He  underscored the importance of love and unity as development to the religion.  He thereby enjoins all Muslim faithfuls to be compliant of the religion doctrines without giving chance to any unnecessary division as such division is inimical not only to individual but also collective rise in height in spiritual realm.

Track four focuses on tradition and cultural norms and its importance. He explained the impinge of innovation in the society. Therein, he emphasized on the need for perseverance, verily for every hardship, there will be relief as stated in the scripture.

In track five, He sang about the imperative of everyday in one’s life. He reiterated the meaningfulness from the day of conceive to the day of death. He believed that in everyday of our existence there would be day of joy, and day of sorrow but always, the steadfastness should be sacrosanct. He submitted that one should live the life to make a good history as every soul would one day become history. Undeniably, there’ll be ONE DAY that the world and everything therein will cease to exist and there will be ONE DAY for the resurrection. It’s therefore pertinent to make use of each day judiciously.

In all, the musical album titled OJO KAN – ONE DAY covers virtually the essence of living. It discusses about the apt doings and effectiveness of one’s life. We therefore recommend this latest release from Amir Hassan Cisse Oloriere to all and sundry for its intellectual resourcefulness and religious benefits.

Reviewed by: Abdulganiy Ibrahim (Lanre Analyst) and Bolaji Aladie

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