Alakawa Talks Tough, Dispels Being a Stooge to Politician

It has come to my attention of the purported write up from some misguided elements aimed at tarnishing my untainted political career. Whilst error-laden write ups like this are best ignored, I consider it expedient, because of unsuspecting people, to educate and further re-inform both the sponsor(s) and the couriers who obviously lack veritable information or live in misconception about my person and personality. 
While democratic environment allows for freedom of opinion as provided by the constitution, everyone, both sane and insane is entitled to expressing his or her own mind. However, there is the need to correct some insinuated perceptions hinge on four fundamental issues raised in the said write-up. 

1(a). My Father’s Relationship with Saraki’s Dynasty:

That my father, Alh. Abdulraheem Gidado Alakawa, of blessed memory, being a “diehard sarakite” probably indicates that the writer lacks adequate information or is being naturally mischievous. Everybody, including Saraki, whom I believe is the writer’s sponsor, knows the position of my father in the struggle to liberate Kwara from the hegemonic principles of Saraki’s  rulership right from time. For the records, in his political history, my father never shared the same ideology with Saraki. While Alh. Alakawa was in UPN and Dr. Olusola Saraki was in NPN. My father moved from NRC to work for Yar’adua in SDP, that was when fate put them in the same with different political thought. By the accident of coincidence, he was the Organizing/Publicity Secretary of NRC before he moved to SDP. In SDP openly he worked for presidential ambition of Sheu Yaradua against the wish of Saraki. This realignment was necessitated by the virtues of his relationship with Shaaba Lafiagi at the time. 

It may interest you to know that Alh. Alakawa’s progressive and independent political mind, come to bear at the time of the late governor Muhammad Lawal.He was in CNC and later worked for Lawal in APP through a lobby group named *Vision 99* The late governor was his friend and associate and openly supported him to actualize his governorship aspiration in 1999. Even when some politicians pitched their tents against his second term ambition, my father was never APOLOGETIC for being Anti-sarakites in the state. Without mincing words, years after that, my father remained with the people of kwara against Saraki. Inspite of the intimidation and numerous political assaults on my father and his person, my father died fulfilling  ‘DIEHARD’ supporter and loyalist of LAWAL.He remained with the Pro-kwara revival against Saraki dynasty.

(b). Myself and Saraki’s Dynasty?

I, Abdullateef Gidado Alakawa, NEVER as a person, set my eyes on Baba Saraki before his demise. The kind of person he was, I don’t know. That is to say how much I did not have, directly or indirectly, anything to do with him or his dynasty. If anybody has a contrary information, such person should release it to the public. My journey into politics is to join force with other Kwarans of good purpose, who shared the same ideology with my father and continue the struggle for the liberation of Kwara state. I started active politics in the year 2002 as a Personal Assistant to S.A  on Students Affairs. In 2007,I was the Publicity Secretary of ANPP in Asa LGA. In addition, I was the ANPP candidate for Kwara State House of Assembly for my constituency, Asa. In 2011, I was a staunch member of CPC, and functioned as the Secretary of a group, The Youth Wing of CPC and worked for President Muhammadu Buhari in Asa LGA. 

At this juncture, it is imperative to emphasise that, at these levels of my political experience, especially when I was in ANPP, my late father was in DPP while Saraki was in PDP. This is a clear pointer to the fact that, I have always been an independent-minded person, above any act of godfatherism of any politician. This is because my father never trained me as a YES-BOY. So it utterly absurd and ridiculous call me a stooge of any politician in the state. 

Even if my father, by accident or coincidence of events, had any political relationship with Saraki, I have never had one. 

For the records, I was in CPC till APC was formed 2011. I was a legacy member of the Party. I left the Party when Saraki  joined in 2014.

In fact, I was among the last set of people to join PDP in my Local Government, when Saraki joined the party because I do not and still do not want to have anything to do with him. This can be verified by anyone who have access to PDP register at the time. Because my people have always believed in my philosophy, democratic ideology and style, I was elected the PDP Secretary in Asa LGA. My relevance in the politics of ASA was evident in the whole LGA as no polling unit recorded victory as high as mine in Onikeke, in the 2015 general elections. 

2. My Emergence as the PDP State Secretary in 2017:

Let me state that I was an independent aspirant right from time. 

I was not in any of the lists initially until much later when Akogun group adopted me for obvious reasons.Even after then, other people went to the polls against me from the same group.I was therefore voted by both groups.This is evident in the very clear margin in my results.The rest is history.

Since it was a delegate election with enlightened delegates across Kwara State, I approached the delegates and convinced them of my capabilities and capacity to manage the affairs of the party based on equity and justice. Truly, both Akogun and Fagbemi are my respected leaders. This gesture further justifies the kind of confidence the politicians in the state have in me. 

That I won election on proper electorate processes further means the propagandist lacks adequate information of my emergence as the Fmr. State Secretary of PDP. 

3. My Relationship with Mallam Lukman  Mustapha:

Mallam Lukman Mustapha is a *BIG* brother, friend and associate. Our relationship began long before his adventure into politics. It transcends any political business as insinuated. In fact, Lukman Mustapha came into politics on his own conviction and never at anytime, influence my political aspirations and thinking at the said time. If there is anybody to be grateful to, then it is my age-long political associate, Alh. Abdulrahaman Abdulrasaq. He was the one who motivated me to vie for the post of Secretary of the party in 2016. I voluntarily withdrew from the race when it was obvious that the Congress would produce factional structures. Even as the Secretary of the PDP, I was truly a party man, that failed to represent any factional interest in the management of the party for nine (9) months.   For instance, we inherited staffs recruited by Prince Fagbemi and nobody could complain of any maltreatment based of their factional affiliation. Through my initiatives and creative solution approaches, I designed sustainable template to manage the welfare of the staffs as at when due. This is opened for verification.

4. My Source of Finance:

I wish to categorically state that, I am a graduate of Performing Arts with  (M.A.), that understand all angles of its professionalism. Over the years, I have been involved in Theatre for Development(TfD), Radio Drama packaging and Consultant on Jingles on Radio. My profession gave me the advantage to relate well in politics by engaging in political branding and packaging publicity for politicians. This is why politics and Performing Arts influence each other because ‘every performer is a politician’.

Verifiably, I am also a farmer with sizeable and growing expanse of land for Yam, Corn, Cereal, Cassava and Cashew Plantations which every farmer in Nigeria today would attest to the possible yield of those cultivations. 

It is also important to state that I started my house in the year 2009 and it took me five solid years before I could relocate in 2014. The meaning of the word “exotic cars” as written by these attention-seeking individuals, is very strange here because I didn’t know where that information filtered from. However, I strongly consider this futile effort to drag my name in the mud, as an insult to my profession, education and exposure, to become a “stooge” or “Yes-boy” to anybody no matter how highly placed in the society.

Even, with the fear of Saraki’s defection to PDP, the Senate President conceded my position to me so as to work with him. Considering my role as the Secretary of States Secretaries of National PDP, I left the Party inspite of the uncertainties that bedevilled the new alignment and realignment in APC. My people do not want Saraki, which was the principal reason for my realignment with the Progressives in APC. There is need for people to be informed that my recommendation as a member of State Caretaker Committee came as a tint of hardwork which made ASA people unanimously gave me the APC Kwara Central Senatorial Chairman zoned ASA LGA without anyone’s influence.

While I want to thank the peddlers and their sponsors of the misguided rethorics, I believe the general public is better informed now. I wish to again say that, my relationship with Mallam Lukman Mustapha did not start with politics and we will continue to maintain our brotherly relationship, politics or no politics. I have never used my position to favour Lukman Mustapha of any undue advantage and I will not. If he is the choice of the people, I have no right to go against him and if it is another person, I will not shortchange the people’s wish. I am, as always being, in support of whoever choosen by Kwarans. No matter the storm I will never deny my Friendship, Loyalty and Affinity of our Cordiality.

Thank you. 

Hon. Abdullateef Gidado Alakawa

Kwara Central Senatorial Chairman, 


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