ABS Constituency Office Celebrates Saraki Snr. Posthumous Silverbird Award.

The constituency office of Kwara Central representative at upper chamber of the NASS Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has celebrated glowingly the posthumous award bagged by Late Dr. Olusola Saraki the political icon of Kwara State who is also biological father of their principal.

The elder Saraki was yesterday honoured by Silverbird Television alongside Chief MKO Abiola, and veteran Biafran warlord Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in the post humous category.

In a statement released and signed by Abdullahi Oganija the director of  media and publicity for Saraki constituency office, it reads…

“Apparently, the die is cast, and the words of God shall not go unfulfilled in relation to the existence of human beings on this planet earth. There are times to live and there comes also a time when man must transit from the earthly realm to the next world. But what usually outlives a man are legacies bequeathed through which others live on. 

Where are the men of yesterday? Obviously, they have gone into the oblivion. This is not because they didn’t live well for their names to be inscribed in gold plate, but for one reason or the other, they are nowhere to be found today.  Such is life! 
However,  there are people and there are people on this planet earth. For some, their sojourn in life teaches others lesson in a hard way while others utilized the divine opportunity given them to impart in the life of others. On account of this alone,  they are recognized, respected and adored not just in their physical presence but even after they might have transited to the next world to answer the call of nature.
If the late Kwara Political Kingpin, Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki, is described as a legendary political colossus, it should take no one by surprise; this is is because he lived for others to live. His lifetime is historic and should not go undocumented, given the fact that his political ideology and philosophy was legendary. 
Dr Olusola Saraki, in his lifetime, redefined politics, carved a niche for himself and died for what he believed in. For all that shared and lived his political philosophy, he was an emancipator and liberator, whose primary objective was to bring people out from their shells. With him,  those who hitherto believed they could  not do well politically, are now cynosure of all eyes for good. 

For many years, Baba Saraki as fondly called, bestrode Kwara politics like a colossus. He was a major factor that cannot be washed away or dismissed with a wave of the hand. Those who undermined his magic wand politically lived to regret it. His style of politics is not by any unusual way. He was well loved by the people that the name Saraki has become household name in Kwara State.

Throughout the years he lived and called shot in the state polity,  Dr Olusola Saraki, the late Waziri Ngeri of Ilorin, knew the best political wizardry to warm his way into the heart of the people. His political ideology is a school on its own that should not go undocumented. It is worth being written upon and put in proper perspective. 
It is heartening tonight that he is being honoured tonight posthumously. This alone shows that he was a man whose contribution to the society in general cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Dr Olusola Saraki dynasty stands and remains unshakable because he set the stage properly for his successor to take over the mantle of leadership.”

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