Time To Rescue Ekiti From Fayose Cruelty and Revenge Mission – John Ayokunle

What is the essence of building a fence to cover yourself after begging for Power and leaving them with Lots of Promises unfulfilled. Why leaving the masses who you claimed to Protect and represent in Abject Poverty after getting their Mandates?? 

Capital Project is Automatic Capital Jibiti..  Why not have Pity on the People who showed you Love by taking them first In everything you do rather than a show off of shame on the streets pretending to be identifying with them. For every sane Government, people’s welfare should be first and his topmost priority. But so unfortunate, reverse is the case in my State.

Some days back, after commenting on His reactions towards my Royal Highness the Ewi of Ado and Condemning his Acts of Destroying Houses in the State Capital. Some of his paid agent who lacked foresight and already traded their senses for money said we should allow him to demolish the whole buildings in the State Capital so to experience new developments. Why at this die minutes? Someone who care less of authorities. Who is destroying without master plans of rebuilding and no Compensations.

Do we Vote for a Dictator in Ekiti State or does that really mean Fayose comes for Revenge as been prophesied? If Yes, what have we done wrong to deserve this cruel punishment? Civil Servants Salaries left unpaid,  that’s none of his Business right? 

What of the Unpaid Scholarship and Bursary which serves as the only stipend we are entitled to as students? 

What about the market men and women that do not have enough funds for their business and yet levelled with High paying Taxes that is killing them? 

The Primaries and Secondary education they enjoyed free of Charge during their own time. Now our children are meant to pay exorbitant fees to get same?

What about those Ekiti Students roaming the streets because school was on lock which to him its nothing since His Children are not affected? What of the Unemployed Youths? 

Why do we Celebrate Poverty and Building of Bridges and New Offices in Ekiti State rather than speak out against the evil acts of Governor Fayose? What happened to the existing buildings and structures? 

Someone should tell me if New office buildings is what we needed at this Hour when our parents works and refused to be paid. 
A state who can’t boost of one company and lots of her youths are Jobless. Yet celebrating over new Governor Office Building. Where is the Sanity in that? 

Someone should come and explain the Value of Over Head Bridge over Unpaid Salaries and Arrears when we have never experienced a real traffic lock down or up on those Roads.

Who will speak to the sense of some senseless Youths in the State who have all the Power and Strength to change the game for their sake but still Preaches Continuity of suffering for a Stipend? 

Ekiti Kete! Jafforie this coming Elections. Fight for your Head.  It’s Obvious Fayose have nothing Good to offer again rather he chose to be destructive since Nobody can stop him at the Moment.

Remember this is the time to Stop and Send him parking. Enough is Enough. We’ve had enough of Fayose and his Team. Get your PVC and Vote him Out. Let’s Stand against Fayose third term bid using Eleka. For his Paid Agent.. I know the truth will hit you hard Like Leprosy and you will call for my Head.  Come out and show your Madness.. 

John Ayokunle Funso Falodun (Jaff) is a  freelance writer, Youth Advocate and Social Reformer.  A Peace Loving Citizen and Die Hard Ekiti State Man

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