2019 Election: Kwarans; It Is Time To Burn Down The House of Hollow Dreams and Stunted Hopes – By Yahya Habib

There is nothing wrong in burning down a house of hollow dreams and stunted hopes; and from the ashes arise a new home of truth; resting on the foundation of divine bond and sacred commitment; this foundation is rooted in my soul and I shall work hard to achieve it.
Some people called it pulling down syndrome; but I believe there is nothing good as pulling down a building that supposed to shield the vulnerable, shelter the homeless and protect the poor, but the same building has turned the devil’s headquarters where looters meet to inflict pains and agony on the people.
The deity we worship for decades that refused to give us hope of better future, the deity that takes away our fortunes, leave us in penury, inflict people with pain and milked dry our resources, I think we need no soothsayer before we change such deity. “Orisa b’olegbemi, fimile bi nse wa”.

While Kwarans are working hard to protect our piece of meat from big cat, rats are coming in droves to offer assistance, who doesn’t know that all the facade of empathy presented by rats is to take away the piece of meat.
Dear Kwarans, 2019 general election is almost here, the decision that will take us through another four years journey must be taken serious. They are here again, fighting for one political position or the other, telling us how well they can perform if given the opportunity, but how well have they performed in the past must also be considered.
For better Kwara, we can no longer  afford  politics of pettiness. We need to learn to rise above personal unconscious biases and focus on the greater good. This means when we see any credible/ethical, competent, courageous, process-driven, creative problem solver, we rally round and support him regardless of where he comes from. 

It is time to wage war on honourable looters, executive criminals and fraudulent political leaders. Our war is not just against those in government but also the devil incarnates hiding under the guise of our agitation for better Kwara to establish their own devilish political empire. 

Fellow Kwarans, nobody will fight our war for us, nobody will help in burning down the house of hollowed dreams and stunted hope, nobody will help to pull down all the devil incarnates trying to use us to forward their ill ambition but you and I. Let all youths and political associations come together to form a formidable force, let all sincere Kwara politicians unite to rescue the sinking ship of Kwara statehood, let us all join hands together to make Kwara better.

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